The extraordinary meeting of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Malta has renewed its board of directors. Victor Camilleri, who has led the MICC over the past two years, was confirmed as President. The turning point is represented by the election of 7 Italian entrepreneurs out of 9 members who make up the board of the MICC. It is the first time that the Italian business community has such a strong representation within the Chamber. Stanislao Filice, from Salerno, director of Lean Consulting Network, was elected vice president.

The other seven members of the board are Roberto Capelluto, Lombard, president of Liquigas Malta; Robert Borg, Maltese, director Studio Borg Associated Malta; Luca Meli, a Sicilian, director of; Marco Arcella, from Calabria, director of Malta Vocational Center; Marco Oliver La Rosa, German, director of Richmond & Anderson; Francesco Trimboli, from Calabria, director of the law firm Trimboli and member of ADUSBEF Italy; Massimiliano Arena, from Calabria, director of Arena Consulting.

“It is an important change – says the president Camilleri – the Italian business community in Malta is booming and there was a need for greater representation in the Governing Council of the MICC. Until now, the Italian community had never had a representative. This will allow the Chamber to be the benchmark of Italian entrepreneurs and to support Maltese entrepreneurs who have business relations with Italy. However, a big thank you goes to the Cav. Marcello Cherubino who in 15 years has led and supported MICC with great passion “.

“Our goal will be to fully support the internationalization of Italian companies – argues Filice, neo vice president – we cannot let the Italian community in Malta without a concrete point of reference. In recent months, Italy started moving again and the MICC will act as attractor of international investments from Malta to Italy, I am confident of this”.

Source: medNews