A delicate operation was performed at the ISMETT in Palermo on a 38 year old woman from Malta, who in February had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For this reason, the doctors who were following her in Malta have preferred – as several other times in the last year – to transfer the patient to the Unit of Abdominal Surgery and Abdominal Transplantation of ISMETT.

“The surgery consisted in a total pancreatectomy with replacement of the portal vein and the superior mesenteric vein through the interposition of a venous segment taken from a donor of organs with compatible blood group – Salvatore Gruttadauria, responsible of the Unit, says – the patient was discharged dall’ISMETT ten days after the surgery, and is now well and continues the rehabilitation. “

Four hundred pancreatic resections, over 1,050 liver resections and nearly 1100 liver transplants: these are some figures of the abdominal surgery activity at ISMETT. The Institute is now a real reference point for abdominal surgery in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. Last year, Ismett has attracted patients from Serbia, Cyprus, Malta and other Italian regions, achieving the 2% of the work on non-Sicilian patients.


Source: medNews