The data published by the Israeli Central Institute of Statistics – Central Bureau of Statistics – show all the solidity of the Israeli economy. The news was reported by all local media and in particular by the financial newspaper Globes.

In 2016 the GDP of Israel and grew by 4%, a better performance than that of 2014 (+.32%) and 2015 (2.5%).

Even the GDP per capita increased: + 2% in 2016, better than the 1.2% recorded in 2014 and 0.5% recorded in 2015.

The main engine of growth was, according to economic analysts, private consumption, which increased by 6.3% during the year under review.

The Central Bureau of Statistics also shows a clear improvement in fixed capital investments, which grew by 11.3% in 2016, after stagnating for the previous two years. Even exports – threatened today by a particularly strong local currency against the dollar and the euro – have marked a + 3% on average with the help of + 6% from the sale of services (excluding tourism and startup).

Even the average wages grew over the year on a positive 2.4% and an average of 9,805 shekels per month (about 2,500 Euros).

Equally positive was the increase in the number of employees (+ 3.1%).

The sector of information and communications guides the ranking with an average monthly wage of 19,161 Shekels (almost 5,000 Euros) for its 172,000 employees. Electricity and water sector follows with 18,237 shekels a month (about 4,600 Euros), and then education (7833 shekels per month, approximately 2000 euro) and catering, at the bottom of the ranking, with 4,519 monthly shekels (a little more than 1000 euros).


Source: medNews