The relevance of the European Union in today’s circumstances as it confronts challenges such as Brexit, the economic crisis, immigration and terrorism was at the forefront of a two-day congress held in Malta with the participation of 1,300 delegates from over 40 European countries forming part of the European People’s Party (EPP) . ‘Secure Europe’s Future’ was the main theme of the debate.

The recently elected Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, stated that only through unity and cooperation can these challenges can be overcome. “We need to work closely together to become stronger”.

The Congress of the EPP was also addressed by Angelino Alfano, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of the New Center-Right Party. He declared: “our job is to save Europe by offering solutions to these challenges. As the founders created Europe, now we need to save it”. He added that strong action needs to be enforced to defend Europe against the challenges posed by Brexit, immigration, terrorism and financial crisis. “Europe is the solution and not the problem as populist politicians assert”.

Tajani pursued his political argument based on Angelino Alfano’s line of thought . “Investment in Africa is pivotal in combatting immigration, whilst terrorism and the exit process of the United Kingdon onset yesterday through the UK government notification need to be addressed through solidarity and cooperation”.

Silvio Berlusconi, Leader of Forza Italia, attended the EPP Congress and held several bilateral talks including a meeting with Simon Busuttil, Leader of the Opposition and of the Nationalist Party in Malta . At the end of the meeting Berlusconi informed the media that the discussion focused on the political situation in Europe, the danger of immigration from Africa and an update on the political situation in Malta presented to him by Dr. Busuttil. It is to be noted that Berlusconi has always been a great friend and supporter of the Malta Nationalist Party leaders.

Addressing the EPP congress, Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council of Ministers affirmed that through the Brexit process, the EU will emerge stronger while Jean-Claude Juncker, President the European Commission, assured that Brexit will not determine the EU’s end.

Jean-Claude Juncker also made subtle cynical reference to the President of the United States, Donald Trump’s position on Brexit as he has encouraged more countries to follow stead. Juncker mockingly stated “If he holds on to this opinion then I will suggest that both Ohio and Texas become independent states”.


Source: medNews