First meeting in Rome of the Mixed Committee for the implementation of the Italian-Libyan Memorandum on cooperation in the field of development, to combat illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings, smuggling and the strengthening of border security between the Libyan State and the Italian Republic took place. The Committee started the implementation of the agreement on the basis of a comprehensive approach centered on strengthening the capacity of Libya  in controlling land and sea borders, the exchange of information, the promotion of development opportunities and improving conditions in the reception centers. Starting from the intense bilateral and multilateral cooperation in this field, urgent initiatives in the fields of training, the supply of equipment and facilities have been put in place through an integrated program, structured on the basis of a shared priority scheme.

The Committee will continue its work with a brisk pace to give quick answers to the most urgent needs. The will to continue a strong commitment aimed at achieving tangible results was expressed by both parties. The establishment of a working group to define the development initiatives targeting the most affected regions from illegal immigration, as well as the need to actively involve local authorities in the practical implementation of the MoU, was put in place earlier than planned through meetings in the process of programming. The common goal remains the creation of an effective and timely mechanism to ccombat illegal immigration and trafficking of human beings, through the development of a comprehensive strategy that takes into account security, humanitarian and development aspects related to it, on which key partners and the European Union will be involved.


Source: medNews