The World Bank Group has allocated $200 million for upgrading the road network of Lebanon. 

The funds will be used to repair around 500 kilometers of roads in a first phase of a $510 million government plan to revamp the country’s road sector.

The funds include a $45 million grant from the Bank-administered Concessional Financing Facility (CFF), which is a facility created in 2016 to support middle-income countries that were recipients of regular Bank financing, but are currently experiencing unusual social and economic duress.

The $155 million will be provided as a loan repayable over 32 years, including a seven-year grace period. The World Bank will also help the government mobilize other international development partners to provide additional funding.

The first phase of the plan aims at rehabilitating the existing road networks, improving the road safety systems, and purchasing equipment for emergency road works. It also aims to improve management and efficiency in the sector. 

The project will include a survey of up to 6,000 kilometers of primary, secondary, and tertiary roads in all regions to identify those in most need for rehabilitation.

The project aims to help the country continue to offer basic services both to its citizens and to Syrian refugees in the country. 

The Syrian refugee presence has put pressure on the infrastructure, and increased the workforce by 35 percent. The road repair works would help provide more low-skilled jobs.

With this new package, the World Bank’s current commitment to Lebanon in grants, loans, and other concessional financing rises to $1.3 billion.


Source: medNews