In 2015 the total non-licensed solar energy production capacity was 248.8 MWe, while in 2016 it reached 819.6 MWe, with a 230% growth.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, the total energy production in 2015 was 73,146 MWe, while in 2016 it reached 78,497 MWe (with a 7.3% growth).

The current number of power stations (of variable size and energy type) in Turkey amounts to 2,321 units. The difference of production according to energy source between 2015 and 2016 is as follows: The biggest increase was that on solar energy (+230%). Total non-licensed solar energy plants passed from a capacity of 248.8 MWe, to 819.6 MWe. 

Geothermal energy production increased by 31.5%, from 624 MWe to 821 MWe.

Wind power grew by 27.5%, from 4,498.4 MWe in 2015 to 5,738.4 MWe in 2016. Wind power is the third most rapidly growing energy source. Carbon plants capacity increased by 4.5% (9,418 MWe in 2015 and 9,842 MWe in 2016).

Natural gas  and liquid natural gas energy production capacity grew by 4.4% (21,222 MWe in 2015 and 22,156 MWe in 2016). On the other hand, Fossil Fuel Power Plants production (such as naphta) decreased by 17.3%.


Source: medNews