The proposal of the Maltese Presidency of the European Council on the urgency of reaching an agreement with Libya on the migration crisis has found a new setback as the European Commissioner for Migration and Interior Dimitris Avromopoulos stated that a deal between the European Union and Libya on the same lines as that reached with Turkey last year is impossible.

The tough declaration was made during a press conference held today in the Maltese capital at the end of the informal summit of the Ministers of Home Affairs of the European Union. He affirmed that both the European Commission and the European Council of Ministers of the Member States are in accordance over this issue.

At the official inauguration of the Maltese Presidency held a couple of days ago, the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke about the urgency of an arrangement with neighbouring Libya, an agreement that should be similar to that reached between the European Union and Turkey.

However, following talks held in Malta between Avromopoulos and the Maltese Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, Carmelo Abela, the Commissioner whilst addressing the press conference was clear and direct declaring “Libya is not Turkey. There can never be a replica of the deal made with Turkey for Libya”.


Source: medNews