As in each big urban areas in the world, traffic represents one of the most relevant factors of life and air quality decrease. Israeli metropolitan areas are no exception and, for this reason, the Minister for Environment Protection, Ze’ev Elkin, announced a plan to renovate the public car fleet. The news is reported by the Jerusalem Post. The project, financed by KKL – Jewish National Found, foresees a shekel 30 million investment (about EUR 7.3 million) to allow the preferential purchase of 15,000 new hybrid taxis. The public transport licence owners interested in participating at the project will be able to benefit of a shekel 20,000 (about EUR 5,000) to buy a new hybrid car from Toyota (commercial partner of this initiative).

Emissions of diesel engines are carcinogenic and, considering the 22,000 diesel taxis in the country, the project was strongly encouraged by both the Ministry for Environmental Protection and KKL, which has, among its statutory objectives, to develop green technologies and support innovative environmental projects.


Source: medNews