The international former referee, Italian Pierluigi Collina declared that the introduction of video technology as assistance to referees during the football game is indeed a good experiment. “It would eliminate obvious errors of judgment and as a result give more credibility to the game.” Meanwhile he also stated that UEFA considers the introduction of additional referees as a valuable decision. 

Pierluigi Collina, considered as one of the best international football referees ever was a special guest at The World in 2017 Gala Dinner organized by The Economist and held in Malta this weekend.

FIFA honored Collina six times with the widely held Referee of the year award, he won the award of best Serie A referee for seven times and in 2011 was introduced in the Italian Football Hall of Fame. During his ten year career as referee with FIFA he was selected to arbitrate the final UEFA Champions League in 1999 between Manchester United and Bayern Munich and the UEFA 2004 Cup between Valencia and French Marseille.

Collina stated that today his only regret is that he is older. “I wish I could return to my younger days and restart my career all over again, I would so everything the same but start from the very beginning so at least I would be young once more”, said a smiling Collina.

Collina declared that whilst cherishing his career, he understands the responsibility that goes hand in hand with such success. “I am proud of what I achieved but feel the responsibility of always delivering the best as this is what everyone expects out of you once you reach such high levels otherwise you will be criticised” Collina said.


Source: medNews