In view of the forthcoming COP22 in Marrakech, from 7 to 18 November, Tunisia is working to a new energy plan based on low carbon emissions.

The announcement comes directly from the Ministry of Energy of Tunisia, Hela Sheikrouhou. In recent years, Tunisia made major improvements from the economic point of view, focusing the efforts on the capacity to attract investments and it understood the role that energy efficiency can play in this period. Currently, Tunisia uses twice the amount of energy set by OSCE in order to produce dinars 1 of GDP. The COP22 is the best moment to present to the entire world their low carbon emissions projects. Minister Sheikrouhou commented in this way the announcement of the new plan: “Within two weeks we will start preparing the first investment plan in renewable energy. A long list of projects will be announced shortly on the autonomous production of renewable energy by the private sector, increasing the activities of the Tunisian operator for electricity and gas. The plan will cost about EUR 815 million”.

“Tunisia is working for a low carbon emissions system and for an economy resistant to climate change, and it offers great investments opportunities in energy efficiency, in renewable energy, in the fight against climate change that impacts agriculture and water resources”. “Increasing energy efficiency – Sheikrouhou said – allows to facilitate energy subsidies and to re-allocate these resources in other priority sectors, such us schooling and health”.


Source: medNews