The World Bank recently released the annual report “Doing Business 2017” on countries competitiveness, assigning to Morocco the 68th position at a world level. This rating measures the ease of doing business in 190 countries, based on a number of indicators concerning fiscal regulations applied to enterprises during their life cycle. Morocco gained 7 places (in the last report it was ranked as 75th) and affirmed itself as the first North-African country, the 3rd African country following Mauritius (49) and Rwanda (56).

According to the World Bank, the improved competitiveness in Morocco is due to the adoption of five important reforms that facilitated the procedure to create a new enterprise, the registration of landed property, the implementation of a system to evaluate the credit ranking of borrowers, the protection of minority shareholders and the streamlining of imports procedures. Within the MENA region, Morocco has the 4th place, after the United Arab Emirates (26), Bahrain (63) and Oman (66). This year, the Kingdom of Morocco placed itself in front of South Africa (74), Tunisia (77) Zambia (98), Ghana (108), Egypt (122), Algeria (156), Qatar (83), Saudi Arabia (94), Kuwait (102) and Jordan (118). Similar results on competitiveness of the country were also released, at the end of September, by the World Economic Forum, which placed Morocco in 70th place out of the 138 countries examined.


Source: medNews