According to the Algerian National Centre Algerian Statistics (CNIS), the value of imports of pharmaceutical products amounted to $ 1.14 billion during the first seven months of 2016, increased by 10% over the same period of 2015 ($ 1.03 billion). Quantities imported fell by 1.68% stabilized at 14 643.2 tons compared to 14 892.7 in the two periods compared. By category products, the value of medicines for human use was 1.07 billion compared to approximately $ 984 million to same period of 2015 (+ 9.6%), while the imported quantities are spent 13 157.4 tons compared to 13,546 tons at same period of 2015 (-2.87%). The imports of medicines to

Veterinary reached about 18.5 million dollars (410.6 tons) compared to 18.54 million dollars (442.4 tons) the same period of 2015, a decrease of 0.27% in value and by 7.2% in quantities. The costs of imports of pharmaceutical products totaled 45.65 million dollars (1075.2 tons) compared to $ 34.57 million (904.3 tons) in 2015, up of 32,04% in value and 19% in quantity. As part of rationalization of imports of medicines, a decree Ministerial, published in December 2015, he had set a list pharmaceuticals for human use as well as medical equipment manufactured in Algeria prohibited import.


Source: medNews