The Treasury announces that due to the strong demand for the stocks offered in the latest Malta Government Stock issuance, the subscription in the Malta Government Stock was closed on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 at 11.30am shortly after the amount of applications received from members of the public exceeded the amount on issue and the overallotment option.  In addition to the amount on issue, that is €100 million, the Treasury shall exercise its option to utilize the additional sum up to a maximum of €60 million such that the aggregate amount to be allocated will be increased up to a maximum amount of €160 million.
In this regard, the aggregate amount up to €160 million shall be allotted to the members of the public in terms of the Allotment Policy stipulated under Paragraph 4 of the Prospectus dated 22nd July 2016. The details of the allotment policy will be published by a Press Release and communicated on the Treasury’s website immediately after the vetting of applications for compliance with the provisions of the prospectus.
In view of the above, no further applications from the members of the public will be accepted and the auction which was scheduled to be held at noon on Monday 8th August 2016 is being cancelled as no volume is available for allocation under the auction/bid system. 
The Pharmacy of Your Choice unit won Malta’s Best Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Award in recognition of ‘Setting Organizational Standards for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement’.
The award recognises the accomplishments of the top local entrepreneurs for their positive contribution towards our country’s economic growth, for improving the country’s business community and acting as role models for tomorrow’s leaders. 
During these last three years, the POYC Unit secured exceptional achievements at both national and international landscapes with five top awards from the Foundation of Human Resource Development, the Equality Mark Certification from the National Commission Promotion for Equality, the 2016 runner-up in the National Enterprise Support Awards and the Silver Plate from the University of Malta for Services rendered to the Pharmacy Profession.
POYC has an instrumental role in achieving the very low levels of out-of-stock medicines in the community, thereby ensuring full accessibility to the 140,000 clients who are entitled to free medicines.

Source: medNews