The Council of Ministers approved the opening of four new offices of Promotion Center of Exports (CEPEX) abroad in 2016, it was announced by Trade Minister Mohsen Hassan, during a visit to Monastir.

Three of these new offices will be opened in Africa and fourth in Poland, in addition to eight existing offices abroad, he said, warning that his department has decided on emergency measures to finance these activities, with the aim of increasing exports.

“Public banks provide exporters’ financing plans and other insurance measures in exports, especially to the Libyan market”, he said, adding that the promotional campaigns will be organized for Libyan and Algerian markets.

The Ministry of Commerce, on the other hand, provided that the necessary logistical arrangements for establishing new sea and land transport routes to Russia and airlines in Canada and soon in Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq) and several African countries. “The African market is of strategic importance in the Tunisian economic diplomacy”, said Mohsen Hassan, stating that the ministry will organize an African forum in December 2016 with the participation of over a thousand exporters of the continent.

The deficit of the trade balance reached nearly 444 million dinars in the first five months of the year, the minister said, but is preparing the ground for the boost in exports to reduce the deficit.

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce announced during his working visit, the proposed development of the wholesale market of fruits and vegetables Moknine (governorate of Monastir) will begin soon, with a cost of 3.5 million dinars.


Source: medNews