The Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has published in the Official Journal of the notice referred to sub 4.1 4. Support for investment in agricultural holdings for 2016 – Adapting farms to climate change. Allocated 6 million euro subsidy. Eligible costs: the purchase of agricultural land, the cost of construction or restoration of orchards, hop fields, new vineyards, purchase and installation of anti-hail nets, greenhouses and related equipment, the costs of crop plantations perennials, irrigation systems, investments in energy efficiency and the cost of producing energy from renewable energy sources on farms. The co-financing amount is equal to 30% of eligible costs, but can be increased by 5 percentage points for investments in areas with specific natural constraints; 5 percentage points for investments related to the agri-environment-climate payments and to organic agriculture; 10 percentage points for investments of social enterprises; 15 percentage points for collective investment; 20 percentage points for investments made by young farmers.

The percentages mentioned above can be added, but should not exceed 50% of eligible costs. The minimum amount is € 2,000.


Source: medNews