The economy of Montenegro increased competitiveness and the creation of a modern industrial growth policy will be facilitated by the implementation of the industrial policy, a program that provides assistance to 2020 and for the implementation of which in 2016 were intended about 268 million.

The government has adopted in the last meeting new Industrial Policy until 2020 with the Action Plan for its implementation in the period 2016-2020. The plan aims to improve industrial competitiveness, investment for the modernization of industry, the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through an increase in productivity and employment as well as better access to local and international market by simplifying of trade procedures.

The budget for 2016 will be distributed as follows: national budget – 16.7 million Euros, the public sector (development investment fund, EPCG, CGES) – 130 million euro, IPA funds – 4.6 million euro, donations – 168,500 euro, the private sector – 116.1 million euro.


Source: medNews