MHRA commissioned Deloitte to carry out a survey as to the performance of the Malta’s tourism industry following the Brexit decision. The sample sentiment analysis survey indicated that hoteliers and restauranteurs remain confident and positive about the performance of the tourism sector as a whole. MHRA reiterates however that the success of the tourism sector cannot and must not be taken for granted as it is very sensitive to political and economic changes that can happen both at a local and international level. Indeed BREXIT is the latest development at an international level that may impact the tourism sector however safety and security still rank highest in order of importance and sensitivity. From a local perspective Air Malta is probably the major challenge that Government is currently facing and decisions on this front definitely have an impact on the future performance of the tourism sector. MHRA asserts that Government must ensure that the decision making structure in any potential business arrangement that AIRMALTA may embark upon in the current restructuring process must remain within Maltese control. Indeed it is when the going gets tough that such control becomes critical and appreciated by the wider tourism sector in Malta.

Furthermore, MHRA insists that AIRMALTA is a critical variable in the success formula of our tourism sector and accordingly also calls upon the AIRMALTA pilots association (ALPA) to act with prudence and refrain from short-sighted actions or threats that may lead to damaging the confidence of the tourist traveling to Malta. MHRA reminds ALPA that the consequences of their actions, motivated by requests for further improved financial and working conditions, are already threatening the industry and livelihood of thousands. This is unacceptable. Let’s not take success as some given right. We must all remain focused and seek solutions to ensure that Malta remains successful.

Source: medNews