The prospects of EU enlargement in the Balkans after the referendum in the UK on Brexit, but also immigration, terrorism and challenges to international security – these were the main themes that characterized in Tirana, the inaugural event of the annual conference of the Albanian ambassadors in the world, attended as guest of honor of the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni. 

The Gentiloni Minister stated that “Italy has tried to cooperate on judicial reform, which is now the country’s current challenge and a challenge that half the world sees with great attention. It is a goal to which I appeal for responsibility. Italy is working to speed up the European integration process for Albania”. 

The opening work was the Albanian Foreign Minister Bushati that Ditmir all the current major geopolitical challenges have repercussions in the region that can be identified as Europe Adriatic. Also the last summit in Paris, stressed Bushati, has produced important results: the creation of the Fund for the Western Balkans and the establishment just in Tirana Office for the regional youth cooperation.


Source: medNews