The Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs, George W. Vella, said that “In a climate where foreign terrorist fighters, returnees, terrorist financing, arms smuggling and radicalisation are daily concerns, the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ) provides much insight in countering terrorism through justice and rule of law”.

Minister Vella delivered a keynote speech during a celebration marking the second anniversary from the opening of the IIJ in Malta, or as it being increasingly referred to, since its launch, the ‘Malta Institute’.

Minister for Foreign Affairs recalled with satisfaction his involvement in bringing such a prestigious institute in Malta after the former US Ambassador to Malta Gina Abercombie-Wistanley had proposed the setting up of the IIJ.

Since its launch, over a thousand practitioners including lawmakers, police, prosecutors, judges, correction officials and other justice sector stakeholders, have received training at the IIJ on how to address terrorism and related criminal activities within a rule of law framework.

The event was also addressed by Robert Strang, IIJ Executive Secretary who gave an overview of the institute and Prof Alex Torpiano, University of Malta Dean for the Built Environment, who gave a presentation of the project and works being carried out in the Birgu Armoury, which will eventually house the said International Institute for Justice and Rule of Law.


Source: medNews