Joseph Sammut (Malta) addressed, on behalf of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), the 21st General Assembly Meeting of the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), hosted by the Maltese Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) on 18 May 2016.

PAM and MEDREG have long established an intense institutional cooperation in order to support from a legislative perspective the holistic development of the energy sector in the Mediterranean. MEDREG was the first organisation to be granted the Observer Status to PAM, and cooperation proved to be, in these years, mutually beneficial and, most importantly, effective in increasing synergies in the energy sector in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

“We are legislators, and we are fully aware of the importance of regulation, particularly in a crucial and delicate sector such as energy. National regulators play a fundamental role at the national level, but unfortunately, not all PAM member countries have, at present, such an institution. For this reason, PAM constantly invites them to work towards their establishment, as a priority”. Hon. Sammut said. PAM is also working on the possibility of organising a meeting of the national parliamentary committees on energy of the PAM countries: this would allow PAM to involve directly the MPs responsible for energy-related issues and promote a more coherent approach.

Furthermore, PAM is also ready to work with MEDREG with reference to the consumers.

“They are fundamental, because the work of our institutions has, as a main goal, that of satisfying the citizens. For this reason, we are committed to facilitate the creation of a Mediterranean Association of Consumers which will serve as an interlocutor at the regional level to reach a system in which citizens have constant access to an environmentally sustainable energy, at an affordable price”, Sammut added.

In the last years, energy became more and more relevant also in connection with climate change, and PAM will seek the precious contribution of MEDREG in the preparation of its participation at the MEDCOP22, which will be held in Tangiers in July, and at the COP22, to be held in Marrakech next November.

Cooperation will be also much needed with regards to PAM’s efforts in the framework of the UN initiative “Sustainable Energy for All”, as well as in the implementation of the New Sustainable

Development Goals, many of which are directly connected with energy. The Sustainable Development

Goals were adopted with the motto “leave no one behind” and with the clear intention of including all the players concerned, at all levels.

“PAM wants to follow this slogan and I am confident that this approach will bring good results, in all areas, and not only on energy. We have to try to embrace the other, because walls and barbed wire are not the answer to the challenges of our region”, Sammut concluded.


Source: medNews