In 2015 (provisional data) Spanish exports reached 250.241 million euros, showing a growth of 4% over the previous year. The development of imports, with a value of 274.415 million euro was more content with an increase of 3.3%.

In commodity exports ranking Spanish transport vehicles occupy the first position with a value of 37.929 million euro and an increase of 14.6% over the previous year. In second place rank the chemicals in the broadest sense, which reached 31.462 million euro (+5.3%). With equally positive trends are the equipment and components for vehicles, the third component of the ranking, which marked an increase of 6.8%, totaling 17.066 million euros.

As for imports, chemicals with 40.09 billion euro and a 8.2% increase, heads the ranking. Followed by fuels and lubricants which recorded a decrease of 29.8%, rising by 52.857 million euro in 2014 to the current 37.1 billion euro. In third place are the equipment and components for vehicles (24,438 million euros) which, together with transport vehicles (18,131 million euros), recorded very dynamic trends with growth rates of 9.2% and 33.6% respectively.

For countries, the main clients of Spain were in order France, Germany and Italy, followed by the United Kingdom and Portugal. In the ranking of the top five Spanish export markets, the Italian has marked an increase of 7.2%, totaling 18.669 million euro. The trend was also positive for the remaining four destinations.

In the classification of the main suppliers for individual countries, Germany (35,925 million euros), France (29,756 million euros) and China (23,623 million euros) occupy the top three positions with the strong performance and double-digit growth for Chinese products (+18, 5%) and Germany (+ 11%). Italy follows with a value of 17.312 million euro and an increase of 9.4%. positive rates for the United States of America, the fifth supplier, which marked an increase of 23.7% to 12.845 million euros.


Source: medNews