The National Investment Commission of Montenegro has recently adopted the single list of priority investment projects (Single project pipeline) in infrastructure, 64 in total, of which 10 of the energy sector, 9 in the transport sector, 30 environmental projects and 15 the social business sector. The Government pointed out that the list represents the strategic priorities of the country for the next 10 years regardless of the source or method of financing. In line with the new methodological approach of the framework for investment in the Western Balkans (WBIF) and at the request of the European Commission, with the drafting and adoption of the single list of investment projects all the steps prescribed by the methodology have been made for the choice of priority infrastructure projects and the conditions were created for potential co-financing of these projects through the funding of the Framework grant for investments for the Western Balkans. In the coming period, the European Commission will have the task of choosing which projects will be financed through the funds of the WBIF, bound for Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in 2014-2020.


Source: medNews