In 2015 drug sales in Lebanon reached 1.63 billion dollars, registering a growth of 6.53% compared to 2014. This upward trend is confirmed by the medium-term forecasts, which indicate expenditure the drugs of 2.20 billion dollars in 2020.

Currently Lebanon ranks first among the countries of the region for pharmaceutical expenditure, which currently accounts for 3.15% of GDP, projected in 2020, it will account for 22.3%.

The original pharmaceutical products prescribed by doctors, unlike the generic, still dominate the market: in 2015, sales of prescription products reached 800 million dollars, or 49% of total sales. In 2020, this ratio to increase by two percentage points and reached 51%.

In 2015, spending on generics totaled 494 million dollars, representing 30% of total sales, while spending on OTC drugs amounted to 339 million dollars, or 21% of the total. By 2020, spending on generic drugs is expected to increase, up to 33% of total sales, while the counter products is expected a decline of 15%.

The hospital sector in Lebanon is dominated by private clinics, which represent 90% of the sector. lL spending from the national service, the NSSF, National Social Security Fund, in any case represent more than 51% of total health expenditure and is expected to rise in accordance with the market trend and remained around the same level.


Source: medNews