“Italy ‘hunts’ Albanian tourists”. This is the title of the article published April 14, 2016, in the local business magazine Monitor. Italy traces the identikit of the Albanian potential tourists interested in visiting the country, it is cited of the portal. The article reports the Report 2016 ENIT/broadcasted on RAI in Albania.

In Albania there are no official data on the destinations of outgoing tourism. The favorite destinations are Turkey, Spain, Italy and Greece. From visa liberalization (December 2010), Italy seems to be recovering share on Turkey, which has long had abolished visas for Albanians. From research conducted at some agencies that offer trips to Italy (and after visa liberalization), it is a growing interest in Italy and organized trips. Also a growing interest towards our country by Kosovars and Macedonians living in Albania. Soaring is the demand from young people and couples without children. Italy is a country of great attraction for the Albanian tourist.

To increase this tendency it might aim for deals in periods of seasonal adjustment. Attraction strategic policy could offer all inclusive packages for cultural visits (for example exhibitions of international importance). Create an “Italian Tourism System” that in addition to at least foresee the presence of an antenna ENIT in Albania involves all Italians institutions already present: Embassy, IIC, Chamber of Commerce, ICE. With foresight, it might choose Tirana as a starting point for tourism initiatives towards our country also religious in nature, highlights the Report 2016 ENIT/MAECI.


Source: medNews