The Israeli government approved the National Programme for achieving the target for the issue of greenhouse effect gases and energy efficiency (National Program to Implement Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Targets for Energy Efficiency On April 4) that the objective of reducing emissions by 26% per capita below 2005 levels.

The program includes two credit lines of 800 million total NISH (about 188 million euros) and the number of governance committees institutions to formulate practical proposals for achieving the targets set.

The measures provided ranging from tax incentives to energy efficiency projects and renewable energy projects, the long-term quotas for the production of renewable energy and the promotion of innovative Israeli technologies in these fields, to reduce the use of coal, every action to facilitate the transition to the use of natural gas, the promotion of increased use of public transport and the construction of green buildings or self-sufficient from an energy point of view.

The Minister for the Environment, the national infrastructure, energy and water resources, Uri Gabbay, said that the program is a combination of measures that reduce damage to the environment and increase economic growth and the savings resulting from lower environmental rehabilitation, while promoting greater efficiency of the authority public with general positive economic benefits for NIS 30 billion, or about 7.5 billion euros.


Source: medNews