The Lebanese film industry had a significant growth over the past four years, as evidenced by the number of films produced annually in Lebanon, which has reached 31 films in 2015, and that the aggregate investment, which was about US$ 32.4 million. The result of 2015 is therefore particularly relevant, especially when compared with data from previous years, when there was recorded an annual average of 11 films produced, for US $ 8.8 million annual investment.

The improvement is due to the competitive advantages of the Lebanese film industry, which reside mainly in the qualified labor supply at low cost and in the variety of scenarios and other resources available.

In addition, the IDAL – the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon helps the film production company and the new directors, providing business matchmaking services, financial incentives in the form of tax exemptions and deduction of expenses and supporting participation in international festivals cinema. A structured incentive program should make the Lebanese production more competitive.


Source: medNews