Turkey plans the purchase of 80 high-speed trains for the middle of this year. This was stated by Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim, during the inauguration of an exhibition on logistics, infrastructure and transport in Istanbul on 3 March, the value of investments will be around 5-6 billion dollars.

The ministry is planning to buy 106 trains in total, according to the plan which aims to expand the national network rail transport high-speed. Sources from the Ministry of Transport argue that with this invitation to tender is intended to exploit the 51% of local resources. The opening of an establishment of production of cars has been mentioned as an integral part of the project envisaged by notice. The investment would be around 6 billion Turkish Liras. Yildirim also said that is being finalized a plan that will make possible for the private sector, the transport of goods on rail. “This year we could see the private companies make their entry in the field”, he said. Recently, Yildirim said that the government plans to connect 14 cities, over 55% of the population, by 2023, through the high-speed rail network.


Source: medNews