The pilot project of producing electricity from solar energy for the city of Nabeul and the Mrezga of the water treatment station was presented in Nabeul.

The project, whose development cost is estimated at about 3 million dinars (1.25 million euro), is co-financed by the European Union to the tune of 2.3 million dinars (975,000 euro).

Work began in April 2015 and will continue until March 2017 (duration 24 months). According to allegations made by Ms. Barbara Cosentino from the Institute for University Cooperation, which coordinates the project, this project forms part of the South-Tunisie SUDEP program launched by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and created for support the cities of the Southern Neighbourhood in the implementation of urban development projects involving the exploitation of renewable energies.

Ms. Cosentino said that the project has two components: the installation of two photovoltaic power plants (one near the town and the other near the water treatment plant) and the training of technical and administrative staff of the town of Nabeul and dell’Onas regional management. The project will enable the production of 347 megawatts of photovoltaic electricity per year.


Source: medNews