The Renault – Nissan group released the production data in 2015 of its factories in Morocco: in Melloussa (Tangier) and in Somaca (Casablanca). In these two factories there were assembled 288,053 cars, all under the Dacia brand, with a growth rate of 26% compared to 2014. Tangier is the factory that had the highest growth of production (229,025 cars; 79,5% of the total) while in Casablanca were assembled 59 028 vehicles, corresponding to the remaining 20.5%. There are produced four models of Dacia in Morocco: Sandero (143,049 units, 49.7%), Dokker (71,515 units, 24.8%), Logan (40,826, 14.2%) and Lodgy (32,663, 11.3 %). The export of  vehicles (equal to 256,500 units) followed a positive trend (+ 25%) almost identical to that of production; Tangier is the factory that mostly works for export (94% of the cars there assembalte). The three main foreign markets of destination of Dacia cars “Made in Morocco” are France, Spain and Turkey which account for over 45% of exports. The Renault – Nissan group has in Morocco a workforce of 9,653 employees. It has also organized an international logistics platform (ILN), which stores parts and components manufactured by 19 vendors in Morocco and sends them to other factories in Brazil, India, Colombia, Romania and Argentina. In 2015 the components of traffic passed through the largest cargo port of Tanger Med has reached the volume of 86,617 cubic meters equivalent to 1,425 containers.


Source: medNews