The FAO in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in 2016 will create a unified register of farmers. The aim of this initiative is to provide the Ministry with technical support to create a database of Lebanese farmers – that is now available – in order to establish the criteria for classification of farmers and to better understand their needs. The FAO has indeed studied the industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and identified a number of structural weaknesses that must be overcome.

The classification of farmers will help to give them identity and will help the Ministry to know what kind of crops are practiced, how much land each farmer has available and also if they are owners or workers for others.

At a later stage, the FAO will conduct a feasibility study to see if it is economically and socially sustainable extend to farmers labor regulations and the NSSF (National Health System), and to quantify the funds to be allocated by the Government for this purpose. The FAO will also study the feasibility of setting up funds that can be recorded to the MoA, in place of NSSF.


Source: medNews